Show your support with our brand new Digital Sticker!

We are delighted to bring our retailers an exciting new way in which to share the wonderful news of our local partnership with their customers. 

Just like a traditional window sticker that you would usually display in your shop window, our brand new digital sticker works exactly the same way but on your alternative and digital shop window – your website. 

Behind the scenes our expert tech team has been working hard on providing a simple plug-in that can be installed straight onto your website. 

Making it super simple for you to let your customers know that we are your preferred home delivery partner in the local community.

Once installed, customers will be able to click on the sticker and be sent straight through to our MyTown Shops website, where they can browse and search for items and place an order. 

All of the team here at MyTown Shops hope that our partners  will continue to show their ongoing support by promoting our unique eco-friendly service to their existing customers.

Displaying our new Digital Sticker on your website will showcase to your customers  that MyTown Shops really is a better way to shop whilst supporting the local high street, economy and overall community. 

Click here for simple instructions on how to install your MyTown Shops digital sticker today!